Llagar La Morena

Colorada es la manzana
del lado que le da el sol
del lado que no le da
verde tiene la color.

Llagar la Morena is one of the oldest recorded cider houses. Since the mid-19th century the family known by the name of Casa La Morena worked here with livestock, they farmed the land, produced cider and ran a bar and tobacconist shop.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a building was constructed –now the foundations of the present-day building- that was used for ballroom dancing to barrel organ music. Later, the space became a cider house ‘Llagar’, and called the ‘New Llagar’ to differentiate it from ‘Old Llagar’.

Five generations later, tradition and craftsmanship continue to be the mainstays of the cider production process, which has remained faithful to traditional style and techniques, although the facilities, machinery and tools have undergone complete modernisation, making the quality of the end product unbeatable.

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